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September 11, 2008


the Other Heather

awww...they are so cute <3 and I am so glad you didn't fall off the face of the planet! Welcome back :)

Amy Pickard

I have been waiting for those precious pictures! I can't believe that Rye will be joining their ranks next year! Love to you all!

Grama Kathy

You think its bad now....just wait until you see them graduate from high school, then college, and then they go and get a life partner and a wedding and then....on my goodness there are more little ones to swoon over. As you know you are all precious to me and I still remember the first day of school....Caress them now...they grow so fast. I love you all and I can't wait for great grandchildren. (we had first of school for 3 this week) Love MOM

"Pretty" old Nana

It goes sooo fast doesn't it? The day to day routine tends to steal the reality of swiftly passing time away from us. One day you wake up and find the child, who you trusted to a kindergaten teacher for the first time just yesterday, in now sending her own "baby" to her first day of school today. I sometimes sigh about the days so quickly gone in your life and then I remember that I now have this incredible friend to share these sweet memories with. As much as I miss the childhood times, I adore the grown-up times just as much. Enjoy the ride of life. It's bumpy and has all kinds of twists and turns around every corner but it's well worth the price of admission!
Love, Mom aka Nana

Concerned Citizen

Hey H.

Great to see you back in blogmire. I can empathize with you on the school thing. I dropped N to Kindergarten the other day and had the same strange feeling. F started a week later in a nearby place also. Spoke with T on Saturday night and heard some interesting news.


Oh, those beautiful faces! My kids are grown but you brought a happy tear to my eye from 15 years ago.

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